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Hi, our names are Laetitia and Clémence: we are both passionate about mountaineering and social impact. We are the co-founders of Peaks4All, a recognized public-interest Swiss-based nonprofit.
Peaks4All aims to support the integration of the refugees in Switzerland through mountaineering sports. Sports and physical activity are proven to be a powerful tool for inclusion, human connections, post-traumatic stress relief and promoting good health.

1. We strongly believe that involving our beneficiaries in regular sports & training activities we will be able to :

  • Help them overcome the stress related to their refugees status

  • Allow them to feel better, mentally and physically and earn real trust

2. We strongly believe that sport is a strong catalyst for social integration. Through our program, we will create numerous connections :

  • Amongst the refugees community, creating a helping family spirit

  • With the Swiss people : volunteers, guides and friends of the association

  • With the Swiss culture, building a deep understanding of it and increasing their chances to get a job and learn French faster

We strongly believe that sport is a strong catalyst for social integration.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Support the integration of the refugee community in Switzerland through mountaineering sports.


Our Goal

Climb a 4000m Swiss summit every summer. We successfully started with the Bishorn (4151m), that we climbed in August 2022 with a group of 7 refugees.

Propose bi-weekly outdoor & sports activities to our beneficiaries, promote diversity as every levels, motivations and people are welcome at Peaks4All.

We Need Your Support Today!

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